My First Birthday, Your Truth

Last week I celebrated my first birthday.  What do I mean by that?  This was the first year I celebrated my birthday on July 17.  All my life, it was April 4.  Nothing against all you Aries of course. I  was born in Vietnam and it is not uncommon for many refugees from the war to not know their birthdays.  It was not exactly priority (being in the middle of a war and all) to have a record of your child’s birthday. So one was simply made up when my family came to the States back in 1980.  I am making this story public because it is part of me celebrating my truth and honoring my path towards authenticity. 

I hope you too honor your authenticity and may you always speak your truth. 

In a world where we are spun in so many different directions and told to be this or that, it is easy for our one true voice to become drowned in the mix.  We become pulled in so many different directions, told to be anything we want…just make sure you do it like this though, not like that…oh, and make sure you’re not too that, more of this…and of course, then you can be anything you want!  Just not yourself.  Huh?  No wonder we have more people feeling lost more than ever.

I don’t know about you, but all this ‘trying’ has simply become too much. 

I’m tired of trying to be more that, and less this.  I just want to be me!  Vulnerable, afraid, insecure, not sure, and yes, sometimes lost.  Does this define who I am though?

I’ve learned all those feelings I just mentioned are just that, they are simply feelings.  I am not any of those things, I only feel those things at certain moments.  This is called being a human being.  This is so liberating to realize when you’re on your path of authenticity.  No longer do I need to hide behind my feelings and no longer will I feel shame for feeling my feelings.  I have simply learned the truth of separating human feelings from who I am.  We all have feelings of all ranges.  It is part of the this rich, human experience. 

The real question is, have you fallen victim to be one with your feelings?

You see, we all feel happy, sad, depressed, anxious, etc.  But are you recognizing that you are simply feeling it rather than being it?  For example, I am not anxious, I only feel anxious.  I am not sad, I feel sad.  By restating it like this, you separate yourself from your feelings so that you no longer identify yourself with it.  Also, this allows you to be present with it so it can move through you like emotions are meant to.  Remember, emotions = energy in motion.  Once felt, it is meant to pass and move on.  It is the natural part of energy.  To move.  Identifying with emotions and falling victim to it is one way so many of us have kept negative emotions in our lives. 

I hope this simple little trick in reframing how you look at your emotions will help you on your path to uncover your truth.  I know it has helped many clients who have walked into my office.  It is my passion, my fuel to help others reclaim their truth and find their voice.  Knowing you are not your feeling allows you to be free to claim who you truly are.  No longer identifying self as a feeling, but now empowered with the one true identity.

I AM life.  I AM existence.  I AM love.