Make Peace with the Process

Mind is always wanting to be at the finish line.  It tells you you cannot be happy unless you are there.  I am not happy until X (you fill in the blank).  This is not the reality of life, do not be fooled. Stop buying into this lie, nothing could be further from the truth.

Truth is, life is a continuos cycle of processes.  Not only are you in the middle of one process, you are in multiple ones at all times so when mind is telling you you need this or that, it is taking you away from the present.

The truth is that happiness can only be found in the present, in the middle of the process.   Happiness is in the process.  Constant seeking for end-goal happiness is pure madness to say the least.

So please, enjoy the ride, enjoy the road, enjoy the race; its all part of the process.

You want more happiness?  You must make peace with the process.

My First Birthday, Your Truth

Last week I celebrated my first birthday.  What do I mean by that?  This was the first year I celebrated my birthday on July 17.  All my life, it was April 4.  Nothing against all you Aries of course. I  was born in Vietnam and it is not uncommon for many refugees from the war to not know their birthdays.  It was not exactly priority (being in the middle of a war and all) to have a record of your child’s birthday. So one was simply made up when my family came to the States back in 1980.

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